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Rally info & Applications if available

Generally, Romers have scheduled outings 2 to 3 times per year. Most are held at luxury RV resorts and campgrounds within 500 miles of our home base in Southern California's South Bay area. However, once in a while we will schedule a rally in a State where one or more of our members reside that is more than 500 miles, such as Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Most of our members live in California, Nevada and Arizona, however, this is not a membership requirement. 

Click on under lined text for more information on a specific rally.


The Indio rally is usually held in January in conjunction with the FMCA rally. 

The Spring rally is usually held in March, April or May. 


The Fall Rally is usually held in September or October


More About Romers Rallies

The Romers Vice-President's primary goal throughout his or her term in office is to schedule and coordinate the club's two to three rallies per year. This is not an easy task. Rally host sites have to be selected that can accommodate our very specific needs. Commitments from members to be rally masters for these rallies must also be secured.

If you have an interest in hosting a Romers rally or want to recommend a rally site, please contact our current Vice-President in charge of Romers Rallies whose address and contact information is listed below. 

John Van Doren, Vice-President
Cell: (909) 226-8051


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